Formats & Prices
30 x 20 cm £33.00
40 x 30 cm £42.00
60 x 40 cm £72.00
80 x 60 cm £86.00
90 x 60 cm £94.00
100 x 75 cm £105.00
120 x 80 cm £120.00
120 x 90 cm £125.00
120 x 120 cm £134.00
150 x 100 cm £150.00
160 x 120 cm £162.00
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How do I upload a photo?

At the top menu please click "Order Now". This will take you to the upload area where you can upload your photo file. Please follow the instructions there and read our hints carefully, before you select and upload a photo.

Is the shipping included or do I have to pay extra for shipping?

Shipping is extra since the costs for shipping vary depending on the canvas format and the ship-to location. Once you uploaded a photo and selected a canvas size the final price (including shipping) is displayed prior to checkout in your shopping cart.

My digital camera takes photos which have a size of 2 mega pixel. Is that enough to produce a Canvas Photo of it?

Yes, it is. Of a photo with a resolution of 2 mega pixel you can get Canvas Photos up to 39" x 30" in a very high quality. If your Canvas Photo should be larger, a resolution of 4 mega pixel is recommended. Please see our table with all formats and resolutions under "Formats & Prices" at the top menu.

Which file types can I upload to order a Canvas Photo?

At the moment we accept all types of "JPG" (jpg, jpeg, jpeg2000) for the manufacture of Canvas Photos as this is the best file format to handle. Please make sure that your image file is of one of these types prior to uploading a photo to our server. If you upload a wrong file type by mistake, our system will inform you about this.

Can I give away a Canvas Photo to someone else?

Of course you can. The only thing you have to is to inform us about the address of the person you like to give the Canvas Photo as a gift. At the checkout page we give you the possibility to enter a deviant address for this purpose.

Can I order more than one copy of my Canvas Photo?

You can order as many duplicates of your Canvas Photo as you like. Even in different formats at the same time. After the upload you can easily change quantities or add formats for the uploaded photo. Just try out!

How will my personal data be stored?

Your personal data will only be stored for the order process and transaction. After the manufacture, your image data will be archivied in case you like to place a repeat order in the future. Your personal data will not be shared with parties or used otherwise.

Transport damage - what should I do?

In the unlikely case of damage of your Canvas Photo through transport, please advise the UPS driver immediately about the damage. If you have a digital camera at your fingertips, take some detail pictures of the damaged box and item. This will accelerate the claim settlement. Then contact us on the spot to report the damage. In ervery case we will make up for the damage as each package is insured.

Which materials are used for the manufacture of a Canvas Photo?

We exclusively use high-class italian canvas which is based on natural cotton. The frame is made of scandinavian wood which is subject to the control of our experts. For reasons of environmental protection we only use non-polluting materials for the production of Canvas Photos.

How is the canvas fixed on the frame?

After the printing, the canvas is carefully being wrapped over the edge of the stretchers and stapled on the reverse, so that as a result you get a final product that can be hung up at home as wall decor like a painting.

How do I create a Canvas Photo Print?

Creating a Canvas Photo Print is simple, and only takes a few steps. Click the "Order Now" tab on the navigation bar to begin creating your masterpiece.
Simply select and upload the image you wish to appear on the Canvas Photo Print. After choosing and uploading the image you will then be taken to the ‘Preview’ page. On this page, make sure your image previews as you want it. (Please note that the canvas will wrap around the wooden frame, so please ensure any text or graphics have enough clearance for a 1.5" wrap.)
Choose the size/format and click the button to continue your order. You will see your shopping cart's content with the total amount of your order. Here you can upload more photos or continue to checkout. Enter a shipping address and click "Continue" to review the order. Confirm your order and you're done.
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