Formats & Prices
30 x 20 cm 33.00
40 x 30 cm 42.00
60 x 40 cm 72.00
80 x 60 cm 86.00
90 x 60 cm 94.00
100 x 75 cm 105.00
120 x 80 cm 120.00
120 x 90 cm 125.00
120 x 120 cm 134.00
150 x 100 cm 150.00
160 x 120 cm 162.00
Canvas Photos on Frame
The Canvas Photo is your personal digital photo printed on canvas in extra large size. After the printing, the canvas is carefully get rid of being wrapped over the edge of the stretchers and stapled on the reverse, so that as a result you get a final product that can be hung up at home as wall decor like a painting.

That's how your personal photo turns into your personal work of art.
Your digital image is transferred using a high-tech dye printing method onto high-quality italian artist canvas which we are developing and improving continuously together with the canvas manufacturer.

The canvas itself is a cotton mix fabric (360 gr/m), which has been optimized for durability and colour brilliance.
For reasons of environmental protection we only use water soluble varnish.
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